That defining moment in my life happened in 2015.

I had finally escaped an abusive marriage that was so psychologically damaging I lived in constant anxiety and fear.  I stayed with him for 9 years, because I didn’t want to believe my whole life had been a lie.  I went against my gut over and over, even as the abuse escalated.
I have had three home vac water births.  From having a complete view of both sides arose a passion to help mothers have the best birth possible.  From my rough marriage, I found other paths to the light.  I found reiki when I was pregnant with my first alone because my house was raided and my husband was in jail.  I found doula work when I got railroaded into a c-section after wanting a home birth.  I found art therapy when I couldn’t talk or feel anything. I found kundalini yoga when I was isolated with my husband at his mother’s house.  The strength I gained from my yoga practice gave me the strength and awareness of mind to finally leave. I found a lot of oils and herbs along the way I also picked up a yoni egg.
I continued to heal and started teaching women how they can do the same: I watched them find their own divinity too!

I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping women rediscover their power and the life-changing spirituality of the birthing process.